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News & Updates

27 October 2008
- Updated galleries for Ruddy Shelduck, Great Crested Grebe, Night Heron, Montagu's Harrier, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Coot, CommonArmenia Birding - Black-headed Bunting - Emberiza melanocephala Crane, Common Cuckoo, Horned Lark, Meadow Pipit, Common Redstart, Cetti's Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Mountain Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Trumpeter Finch

29 June 2008
- May 2008 trip report available (by Birdquest)

20 May 2008
- Updated and added galleries for Greylag Goose, Marbled Duck, Cattle Egret, Black-winged Pratincole, Lesser Black-backed ('Baltic')Gull, White-throated Robin, Upcher's Warbler, Lesser Grey Shrike, Crimson-winged and Trumpeter Finches, and Grey-necked Bunting

29 April 2008
- Updated galleries and added images for Dalmatian Pelican, Grey Heron, Coot, Common and Demoiselle Cranes, Whimbrel,Common Sandpiper, Lesser Short-toed Lark, Red-throated Pipit, Citrine and Grey Wagtails, Black Redstart, Isabelline and Northern Wheatears, Bearded Reedling, Jackdaw, Common Starling and Linnet

12 January 2008
- Updated 'Caucasian' Stonechat gallery

28 December 2007
- Updated galleries and added pictures for Redwing, Brambling, Mistle Thrush, Fieldfare, Hooded Crow, Magpie and Jay
- Added the first entry to the birding sites guide

10 November 2007
- Updated galleries and added pictures for White-headed Duck, Caucasian Grouse, Little Grebe, Great Egret, Steppe Eagle, Hobby,Syrian Woodpecker, Tawny Pipit, Black Redstart, Common and Mountain Chiffchaffs, and Reed Bunting

4 September 2007
- Added the link to the new bird trip report by Anny Anselin & Marc Tailly from July 2006. Please find it here
- Added the first Links

30 August 2007
Added trip report by Roy Beddard from September 2002 (BirdwatchingBreaks). Please find it here
- Added a car rental service contact to the Useful Resources page

August 2007 Major news - the launch of this website! We are currently missing contacts on the Links page, but this is only temporarily, and we expect to add these in the near future. In addition we have not yet completed the detailed accounts for individual Birding Sites. These will be added over the coming months as each account is completed.

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