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Who We Are

VasilVasil Ananian lives in Yerevan, Armenia. He has been interested in the local fauna, Armenia Birding - Little Owl - Athene noctuaespecially birds, since his childhood. After completing his studies at the Biology Department of Yerevan State University in 1994, he participated in various ornithological projects and surveys. He now works as a freelance ornithologist and maintains a database of rarity records for Armenia. He has been guiding visiting birders in Armenia since 1998, and also led the first organised birding tours in the country.

Vasil's other interests include Caucasian Odonates and bird artwork. He lives with his parents, wife and two young daughters.


Chris Bradshaw lives in the UK with his wife Julie and works as a freelance ornithologist, undertaking variety of bird survey work and working as bird tour leader in the UK and across Eurasia. His main interests are the birds of the Palearctic and Oriental regions.

Chris is currently a member of the British Birds Rarities Committee and has previously served on the Editorial and Records committee of the Kent Ornithological Society. He also had a term as Conservation and Research Officer for the Ornithological Society of the Middle East.

Since his first visit to Armenia to co-lead a birding tour with Vasil in 2003, he has harboured a strong desire to get back to this ornithologically relatively poorly known country in order to enjoy its birds once again.


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The following publications were used during preparation of text materials:
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Chris Batty, Tom Lowe, Bosse Carlsson, Alexander Malkhasyan, Joerg Ratayczak and Eugeni Capella kindly provided their photographs for the use at this website.
Andy Mckee generously gave his time and expertise to assist with the initial design and devlopment of this website. Michael Blair (Sandgrouse) provided useful comments and corrections to Checklist page. Nerses Kazanjian helped with editing all text materials. Vardan Araqelyan has been regularly bothered with software related questions and provided technical information during preparation of these pages. The late Mr Sarkis Acopian (US) provided one of us with field equipment, as did Dr Daniel Klem Jr., Nerses Kazanjian, Simon Busuttil (RSPB), Marc Tailly, Paul Leader, Geoff Carey, Han Buckx & Stichting Vinkenbaan Mr. Cornelis van Lennep ringing station (Holland). BirdwatchingBreaks, Birdquest together with many visited birders are thanked for their expertise during associated trips throughout Armenia. Last, but not least are thanked Artak Zadoyan and Artavazd Tadevosyan (Armash Fish Farm) for the access to their ponds, Aram Aghasyan (Armenian Ministry of Nature Protection), Zhanna Galyan (ARMECAS), Karen Manvelyan (WWF - Armenia) and local bird conservation NGO - BOA Project at ECRC for continual cooperation.

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